Screen shot 2014-06-20 at 10.38.23 AMWelcome to the official website of the artist Tim Nguyen. Tim Nguyen lives on Oahu, Hawaii and his oil and lacquer paintings are exhibiting through out Hawaii, Asia, Europe, and America. Tim’s art is collected worldwide and sought after for both his creative expressions reflecting the culture and beauty that surrounds him as well as his sensitivity and mastery of the medium.

Tim Nguyen was always interested in art as a child. Tim began his career as an interior designer, yet ever since he can remember, painting has been his favorite form of self expression.  After a visit to the Hawaiian Islands in 2001, Tim was so inspired and he decided to live here in the island of the Oahu.  His first career in Hawaii as a taxi driver took a back seat. Tim got a shot of encouragement while showing ands selling his work at the Zoo Fence in Honolulu on a Sunday afternoon.  After early success Tim parked his taxi and began painting on a full time. His brush has lead him many places including many trips back to his roots in Vietnam where he created and currently manages a lacquer painting factory. Tim paints with his power of emotion. This energy is apparent to anyone who looks at his work.

Thank you for visiting this site and if you have any questions please feel free to contact Tim here.